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Hybrid Cars: Why Drive a Hybrid?

Current Hybrids on the Market

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Hybrids on the Market
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This page features several hybrid cars that are currently on the market in the United States. All models presented on this page include base prices and mile per gallon ratings.

2005 Honda Insight Hybrid 3-Door
Base Price: $19,330
MPG Rating (City/Highway): 61/66
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2005 Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan
Base Price: $30,140
MPG Rating (City/Highway): 29/37
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2005 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV
Base Price: $26,810
MPG Rating (City/Highway): 36/31

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2005 Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan
Base Price: $19,900
MPG Rating (City/Highway): 46/51
2005 Toyota Prius
Base Price: $20,975
MPG Rating (City/Highway): 60/51

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