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Hybrid Cars: Why Drive a Hybrid?

Interview Answers

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Hybrids on the Market
Interview Questions
Interview Answers

This page features the answers to the interview questions presented in the section of this site titled "Interview Questions." Stacey Walker of Honda was interviewed for these responses. 

1. What would you say is the greatest benefit to the consumer of driving a hybrid car? Why?
2. It has been said that many consumers are not interested in purchasing a hybrid car because hybrids do not come in forms that are not as functional and useful as pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. What is your response to this?
3. How would you describe the effort by all hybrid car manufacturers to market their product to consumers?
4. Do you think that hybrid cars are better than conventional vehicles? Why or why not?
5. Finally, do you think that hybrid cars will eventually make conventional cars obsolete? If so, when?

1. There are two benefits to driving hybrid cars. One is obviously the lower gas prices. The second benefit is that these cars are friendly to the environment
2. This was true when hybrids first came out, but now hybrids now come in more forms. People don't see the benefits that hybrid cars have over other cars.
3. Manufacturers are not doing as well of a job of marketing this product as they could, but Honda has made more of an effort than anyone to market hybrids.
4. Yes, hybrids are better than conventional automobiles because of the savings at the gas station.
5. Hybrids or some other form of hybrid technology will make it obsolete in the near future. I'd say that this will happen in the next twenty years.

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